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Full Service Consulting

Our client's concerns come first. At Omega Pensions we take the time to fully understand a clients position in order propose, implement, and maintain the best retirement plan possible.

Our client consultation can be broken into a 5-step process:

1. Evaluate Objectives

Determine what our client is looking for in their company's retirement plan.

  • Specific Plan Design
  • Performance
  • Reduction in Fiduciary Liability
  • Reduced Fees and Expenses
  • Participant Education
  • Maximum Participant Activity
Process Graphic

2. Review Current Plan

Analyze the current plan our client has in place, and find strengths and weaknesses.

  • Investment Choices
  • Plan Expenses
  • Participant Education Opportunities
  • Technology Capabilities
  • Ease of Administration

3. Analyze Plan Design

Determining the potential plans that can meet our client's needs.

  • Safe Harbor, 401(k), Profit Sharing, Cross-Tested, etc.
  • Ability to pass plan-testing
  • Designed to maximize contributions
  • Meets needs of key employees

4. Product Selection

Oversee the product selection process, and determine best potential plan proposals.

  • Gather proposals based on plan demographics.
  • Evaluate and analyze the proposals
  • Narrow the options to top choices
  • Create easy to read spreadsheets and comparisons for client review
  • Coordinate provider presentations
  • Conduct site visits to provider
  • Coordinate transfers of assets to new provider

5. Ongoing Support

Continued client support after selection and implementation of plan.

  • Thorough Annual Plan Review
    • Expenses
    • Performance
  • Monitor quarterly fund performance
  • Present latest plan design and regulatory amendments
  • Ensure plan follows Investment Policy Statement
  • Ensure plan sponsor's needs met
  • Continuously search for reduction in Fiduciary Liability