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Education & Advice

A quality participant education program is truly what makes a retirement plan effective.

Our education programs are designed with our clients in mind; therefore we offer flexible programs in order to meet individual needs and objectives. At Omega Pensions, we ensure all participants are comfortable with their investment options and their overall understanding of the plan. We provide several different education options to allow participants to learn in the manner that best suits them.

Educational Strategies

  • Implement an educational program specific to each client's needs
  • Assist participants with all financial planning needs
  • Provide individual investment guidance to participants upon request
  • Work with vendors to coordinate and attend regular meetings:
    • Re-Enrollment Meetings
    • Educational Seminars
  • Investigate managed account services and online investment advice providers
  • Utilize video, DVD, booklets, flyers, and newsletters
  • Utilize websites to help educate participants:
    • Online Education
    • Online Enrollment