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Proven Results

John Habanek, CFO

Great Lakes Construction Co.

"Omega Pensions is small enough and flexible enough to make the kinds of moves we need - and quickly. They're extremely well-versed in Employee Stock Option Plans and 401(k) Plans. I lean on their expertise all of the time, and they're always ready, willing and able to help."

Father Walter Dolan, President

Padua Franciscan High School

"Since the early '80s, Omega Pensions has satisfactorily administered the pension plan for our diverse group of faculty and staff. The consummate professionals at Omega took the time and care to recognize the unique needs of each individual and were instrumental in designing and implementing a pension plan that provides for our people's future."

Greg Scott, CFO

The King Group

"Omega Pensions is extremely economical - whether you're a small firm or mid-sized company with hundreds of employees. They offer on-line access to individual and group reports. They work with companies such as American Funds, John Hancock, Empower, and a few others that offer brand-name mutual funds that people are familiar with, trust and are willing to invest in. I thought our enrollment would be around 60%, but with Omega we hit about 95%. Their well-designed plans help owners, management, and employees alike defer more of their salary. Most importantly, Bill ALWAYS has the client's best interests in mind."

Bob Burkhart, CFO 

Northfield Park Associates

"We looked at least half a dozen retirement-plan providers and selected Omega because of their proven administration capabilities. Many of the others, particularly larger institutions and banks, cost more and expected us to do more. It would have been cost prohibitive to establish a 401(k) plan. Omega provides an extremely good value for all of the services they offer. There aren't any unnecessary layers at Omega, but at the same time they are staffed to serve our every need. Their plan administration is transparent and their documentation is timely, accurate and informative. They're very flexible, too. Bill came to several sites to educate employee groups as well as individuals."